My current teaching:

  • MGMT 2850 Business & Society (Undergraduate core course)
  • MGMT 4650 Introduction to Management Consulting (graduate elective course)
  • MGMT 2650 Introduction to Management Consulting (undergraduate elective course)
  • MGMT 3700/4700 Business of Marijuana (undergraduate elective course)
  • Executive and Custom Programs focused on consulting skills, strategic management, and business-government relations

At Daniels, I am the lead instructor for MGMT 2850 Business & Society (previously Public Policy & Business), a required course for all undergraduate students that focuses on the interaction between business, government and society. Specific topics include individual and organizational ethics, corporate social responsibility, business & politics, regulation, crisis management, and globalization. In Fall 2015 we launched a Friday Business & Society speaker series for all MGMT 2850 students that brought high-profile individuals (Former Governor Dick Lamm, Ambassador Chris Hill, Will McCollum of Uber Colorado, etc.) to campus to speak on topics relevant to the course.

Video: Teaching with Cases with Professor Paul Seaborn

Video: MGMT 2850 Business & Society Friday Speaker Series – Prof. Seaborn & Will McCollum of Uber Colorado (October 2015)

I also teach both a graduate and undergraduate “Introduction to Management Consulting” course and serve as faculty advisor to the Daniels Consulting Firm, a graduate student group for those interested in learning about consulting and working on pro-bono real-world consulting engagements. In both of these roles I have extensive involvement with the local consulting industry and am always looking for new guest speakers or outside advisors from industry. The next offering of each course will be in Winter quarter 2017. In Spring quarter 2017 I will teach the first-ever Daniels College of Business course on the Marijuana industry.

As a Rotman PhD student, I co-taught the Business-Government Relations MBA elective course with Prof. George FleischmannCourse Information

I consider learning to be one of the most exciting, satisfying experiences in life and I seek to generate a similar enthusiasm for learning among my students. I also see teaching as being highly complementary to my research as a source of inspiration and new ideas. Given my teaching experiences as an assistant professor, PhD and MBA student and while working as a strategy consultant, I am comfortable teaching at all levels within the business school. My teaching interests span the areas of core strategy, non-market and political strategy, cooperative strategy, consulting, entrepreneurship, and corporate social responsibility.

My Teaching Statement